Vitamin Deficiencies – Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Hyperventilation

A small study out of Japan showed a connection between nutritional deficiencies and anxiety. They found that low levels of vitamin B6 and Iron may actually trigger the chemical changes in the brain responsible for panic attacks, hyperventilation, and other forms of anxiety.

The research analyzed 21 participants with varying levels of anxiety, panic attacks and hyperventilation episodes. They tested these participants for a number of nutritional deficiencies or abnormalities in the hopes of identifying a pattern. At the same time they ran similar tests on a control group of 20 people and compared the two.

What they found is that the group that had anxiety showed low levels of B6 and Iron which play an important part in creating the amino acid Tryptophan which is needed to create Serotonin. This neurotransmitter has been identified as one that helps to regulate our moods. Although this is a small study there have been other studies that have indicated the importance of having a healthy diet and ensuring you are absorbing nutrients from your food to help your system be able to function at it’s optimal level.

The take away is to be sure you are eating well and get tested for vitamin deficiencies by your doctor in order to give you a good foundation to manage your anxiety.

Be well.


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